The PleurX® pleural catheter system from CareFusion provides effective at-home palliation of symptoms of recurrent pleural effusions.

Traditionally, patients suffering from recurrent pleural effusions have faced extended hospitalization, discomfort and time away from home with unscheduled visits to a physician office or ER to relieve the pain and discomfort of fluid buildup. The PleurX® system is a clinically-proven treatment option that allows patients to manage their symptoms through intermittent drainages in the comfort of their homes.

With the PleurX® in-dwelling catheter system, you can help your patients spend more time at home and less time fitting into your procedural schedule.

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Soft Tissue Biopsy

Perhaps the most comprehensive line in the world CareFusion biopsy products are designed with advanced features that help you quickly and efficiently obtain precise samples. Featuring our proven Achieve® and Temno® brands, our devices are available in a wide range of gauge sizes and lengths to meet your technical requirements.

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Patient safety, clinician satisfaction, ease of use and the ability to support procedural flow are the basis of every procedure tray. The Safe-T™PLUS tray series provides the ultimate in patient and clinician safety and infection prevention.

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Avance® Nerve Graft is peripheral nerve allograft for the reconstruction of peripheral nerve discontinuities (severed nerve gaps) in order to guide and structurally support axonal regeneration across a nerve gap caused by traumatic injury or surgical intervention

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Avance Extended Product Description

Understanding Processed Nerve Allografts

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Download the Medical Device License - AxoGuard by Cook Biotech Inc.

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Patients Avoid Amputation with Avance

AxoGuard Nerve Connector
AxoGuard Nerve Connector

AxoGuard Nerve Protector
AxoGuard Nerve Connector

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